SimCity BuildIt Hack

SimCity BuildIt Hack – Simoleons and SimCash Cheats

SimCity Buildit is well known mobile title from EA (Electronic Arts) in the base building category. It is one of the free to download and play game with in-app purchases option that can make things easier just like our Simcity Buildit Hack.

SimCity BuildIt Hack

In this game, you have to focus on town building and such other things. It s a simulation game that is available for both, IOS and Android devices and you can start playing it by creating an account. Personally, I have played this game and found amazing graphics, features and many other things.



Keeping my personal experience aside, there are so many typical stages and those are typical due to resources. Yes, the game isn’t offering sufficient amount of resources. In order to obtain sufficient amount, SimCity Buildit Cheats can help in many ways and it is reliable option.

Must Check The Happiness Counter

The very first thing in this game is to check out happiness counter and it is quite helpful in progression.  This counter is available at the left side of main screen. The color will help you know whether the Sims are happy with you or not.

Mainly the sims require all the basic things and if you are providing all of them wisely then being the best mayor is easy. If the smiley is of green color then Sims are 100% happy but if the counter color is different then you should do something to make Sims happier again.

Simcash and Simoleons will be playing an important role here because you need to provide all the basic things. If you don’t have resources then it will be better to buy the starter pack which is quite good option. However, the better alternative is to go with SimCity Buildit hack. It can provide sufficient amount.

  1. What are Sims Requirements?

You should be fulfilling the requirement of sims and it is not an easy thing until you are good at management. You need to build some of awesome and required things. You have parks, schools and many more things.

Each time you build something that is helpful, sims become happy and they pay tax without any issue. You can increase the tax amount as per the strategy. For pretty much sure time, you should keep the tax at 8% and nearby.

You should build all the important things in the town and know that which one are required and which one aren’t. Try out building parks, bus stops and other transportation method with factories to provide work to Sims. Sims are just as real people and you have to treat them as the best.

  1. Spend Cash Wisely To progress well

There are two in-game currencies. The first currency is Simoleon which is easy to earn and you can get a sufficient amount by doing simple task. Tax from Sims is providing a good amount with ease whereas Simcash is premium currency and it is convertible to Simoleon.

Golden key is the third and most important currency which will help you get luxurious stuff. You should know that Rome wasn’t built in a single day so you need to spend currencies wisely and save it as much as you can.

By saving a good amount and spending currencies on the need, you can progress well and you won’t have to try out in-app purchases option. As if you are not able to progress due to currencies then it is better to buy the starter pack to begin with.

  1. Charging Higher Tax to earn more

Most of the people have this question that how much tax is right  to charge and why should you keep it in limit. Well, if the tax charged isn’t right then sims will start moving to other towns. They won’t leave in your simcity.

As you are the mayor, so you have to think about tax. There is a financial manager to let you know the right tax according to happiness meter and other provided services. Personally, I feel that tax also depend upon population factor.

Charging 8% tax is a great option but if you want to charge more then try out doing it 9 or 10 but don’t overdo. Charging more tax means that sims will leave your time in few days. It will be a great lose and you will face issues.

Final Words

If you want to build a luxurious town and don’t want to face any kind of issue then using SimCity Buildit Cheats will be better option. Make sure to spend these currencies on luxurious casinos, beaches and some other places which will help in many ways. You can be the best gamer by relying on this method. Hope, this guide will let you progress faster as well as save money. Even it is helpful in saving time also.

SimCity BuildIt Hack

10 thoughts on “SimCity BuildIt Hack

  1. This game is awesome. Gives me the opportunity to use my design skills and work on project management. Definitely need the hack so I can continue to upgrade my communities.

  2. I really enjoyed this hack… I have made so much more progress as a posed to waiting and see g when the next money will come in and allows me freedom to play around

  3. hi, i wanna increase my sources in this game, how it works?
    please tell me the right way that i can try

  4. I love sim city! Its even better on your phone rather than your computer! You can login whenever you like and play.. its so amusing to see how your city progresses!

  5. This game is dope because you get to control everything in it, i mean there is a model, but we get to decide how much our factories are producing, how much storage we can access and how happy we want to make our cities. Its a most fun with the wars.

  6. The game is so thrilling and exciting…
    It’s much easier on the phone than laptop .i can control everything at my fingertips.

  7. I love SimCity but I have no money and I’m getting frustrated. I just need a couple simoleons and all my problems will supposedly be solved. This cheat works!

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